We’re Back Surfing at Rockaway Beach, New York

Summer is rocking and rolling with our in-person programs back and better than ever!

Just recently, our STOKED NYC offices were able to host a surf session with our partner Laru Beya and get 12 mentees up on a board.

After what feels like the longest year of being cooped up inside, it was amazing to see everyone back in the water with the STOKED community. It was a combo of new faces and some veteran STOKED alumni fanning the flame of an epic surf event.

After 16 years of running STOKED, it never gets old to see a kid get hooked for the first time. These students come out feeling unsure and timid. Maybe they are only there because a friend dragged them along, but by the end – you can see it all on their faces. The smiles they are sporting once they catch a wave is priceless.

While we do care about having fun, water safety is by far the most important part of our surf program. Through our generous partner, Laru Beya, we were able to provide double the amount of lifeguards we usually have onsite and increase the student-to-teacher ratio to 2:1.

Check out some photos below of what I know will be marked and one of the best days of summer for sure!

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